What does the snowmobile club do in the off season?  Make the trails better for all of you for the winter.  This was last weekend on Ganey Rd.  Those wet spots won’t be a problem anymore!20170930 111432 Resized20170930 095834 Resized

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2017-2018 Season- WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We’re already underway getting the documentation going for the next season (YES, we have to start all over in May).    What we really need from all of you this year is help with signing the trails.  Literally EVERY YEAR it’s down to the wire and it’s always those that have done more than their share that get it done.  We need more people to step up because one of these times, those that already are over worked, are not going to do this anymore.  No signs means no trail.  With the ongoing issues the club faces year to year (low volunteer numbers, riding out of season, trespassing, property damage, littering), local riding may soon be a thing of the past.

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Trail Close South

When you see this on any club trail, it’s there for a reason.  DO NOT ride around or tear it down!  Contact the club and find out why it’s closed and maybe get involved and help with a resolution!

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