2016 Fall BBQ Flyer

IF YOU STILL SEE THIS, WE NEED YOUR HELP! We need a trail boss for the Pizza Hut trail.  If we can’t get someone to pick up this trail, we will be forced to shut it down.

We are in need or 3-4 more trail bosses for the southern trail system.  Last year was a struggle and almost weren’t able to open the south trail.  If we don’t get more volunteers this trail will suffer significant maintenance (signing, trimming, grooming) or worse, close for good.  Please contact us to see how you can help out.

Trail Close South

The trail to Skaneateles and Bear Swamp at O’Neil Rd is now CLOSED FOR GOOD!  You can thank those that decided to ignore the sign and tear the fence down.  A reroute has been put in place, please follow the signs and respect our decision to close trails when conditions aren’t favorable. 



Many snowmobilers aren’t aware we have an annual contract with NiMo to use the power lines in Elbridge as a trail.  Some of you may have seen the recent activity at the power lines.  They have started removing the dead lines and south side towers at the beginning of March.

UPDATE: The reroute has been complete and we had to move some intersections, but the trail is still there!  The only portion you can not ride on is the power lines.  STAY OFF that area, riding on NIMO property will jeopardize future contracts with them!