About Us

We are a group of over 500 members strong of avid snowmobiling enthusiasts. We are always looking to bring new members into our club. Whether you want to be an active participant in club activities and responsibilities, or someone who is just looking to ride – come join us! Everyone is welcome!

Founded: 1971
Started by two local snowmobile businesses at the Weedsport Speedway Clubhouse with about 25 members.

Our Mission Statement:
To preserve snowmobiling, foster landowner respect, and to promote and teach responsible riding.

President – Joe Farrugia 689-7744
Vice President – Open Position
2nd Vice President – Chris Lukins
Treasurer – Dave Samons 252-9188
Recording Secretary – Steve Brown 638-7098
Membership Administrator – Michele Burnham

Trail Coordinator – Aaron Burnham
Events Coordinator – Rob Weatherstone 689-7216 or 440-8518
Grooming Coordinator – Rob Weatherstone 689-7216 or 440-8518
North Manager – Bob Vincent
South Manager – Joe Huey
Raffle Coordinator – Steve Baird

Board of Directors:
Chris Lukins
Joe Farrugia
Steve Brown
Dave Samons
Aaron Burnham
Rob Weatherstone
Andy Wargo
Rosemary Brown
Mike Major
Pat Wager
Bob Vincent
Michele Burnham
Brian Wheeler
Steve Baird

Club Bylaws
Grooming Guidelines

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